The 411 on Super Glow Drops SPF50: Mixing & Testing

The 411 on Super Glow Drops SPF50: Mixing & Testing

Your beauty routine just got an upgrade, and Vi worked pretty f*cking hard for it. Why? Coz you’re worth it. But also because traditionally, cocktailing beauty products into your SPF is a huge nope. That’s all so yesterday now though, as Super Glow Drops SPF50 are on the scene, and we’re here to run you through the ins and outs of how we did it.  

Why you can’t mix things into your SPF 

We get it. Anything that speeds up your morning routine and allows you to hit snooze one more time is usually worth it. When it comes to mixing things into your SPF though, it’s totally not. 

 It’s time to face facts: 

FACT 1: For SPF to work, it needs to form a film on the skin. Think of it like nail polish; if you mix something in, it can go streaky and patchy. Basically, the opposite of how you’d like your SPF protection to be described. 

FACT 2: All SPFs, UV SKINSCREENS™ included, are tested alone to get their SPF rating. (That means sans your personal concoction of face oil or liquid highlighter mixed in.) 

There’s just no way to know how these (albeit fun) additions will affect the formula. They could destabilise the UV filters, meaning it can’t form a film, or just dilute the SPF. All of which leads to you not properly future-proofing your face. 

Luckily for us though, Vi had Super Glow Drops SPF50 tested thoroughly. Intrigued? If only you in Year 8 Science class could see you now! 

Super Glow Drops Testing 
When it comes to applying SPF, more is more; but to get specific about it, ¼ teaspoon is recommended to get the full SPF protection listed on the bottle. Unless you’re cosplaying as Edward Cullen though, a straight up ¼ teaspoon of Super Glow Drops SPF50 won’t help you nail the look you’re striving for. With this in mind, we wanted to put the Drops through a few extra tests to ensure that she would stack up when it came to using it in real word scenarios. 

TEST 1 Layering - One layer of ½ the recommended dose of Supreme Screen was applied to the skin, followed by ½ the recommended dose of Super Glow Drops on top. The average SPF rating with this application method was 65. IRL, this is equivalent to 2 pumps of Supreme and then the same amount of Super Glow Drops. 

TEST 2 Mixing – ½ the recommended dose of Supreme was mixed with ½ the recommended dose of Super Glow Drops. The mixture was applied to the skin and the average SPF rating with this application was 61.4. IRL this would be mixing 2 pumps of Supreme with the equivalent amount of Super Glow Drops. 

This extra testing proves that you can wear less Supreme Screen if you’re applying Super Glow Drops over the top. The test even shows that the SPF protection was higher.  

Having said this, our recommendations are just that: recommendations. Our motto when it comes to sun protection is “something is always better than nothing”. 

So, now that Super Glow Drops are here are you ready to SPF your way?! 


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Avoid prolonged high-risk sun exposure. Wear a hat, protective clothing and sunglasses when exposed to the sun. Re-apply frequently. 

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