Calling all acne-prone, breakout-prone, hissy-fit prone skinned humans! Vi's got something you're going to absolutely love.


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Clean Screen SPF 30 Fragrance Free Weightless Gel SKINSCREEN™ 50ml Clean Screen SPF 30 Fragrance Free Weightless Gel SKINSCREEN™ 50ml
Lean Screen SPF 50+ Mattifying Zinc SKINSCREEN™ 50ml Lean Screen SPF 50+ Mattifying Zinc SKINSCREEN™ 50ml
Mini Clean Screen SPF30 15ml Mini Clean Screen SPF30 15ml
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This is Vi's collection of mineral sunscreen UK (Australian-made & tested because have you seen the sun there?!). We see you rolling your eyes now- you've been there, tried that, didn't work, blah blah. But that was before Vi. Read on to find out why Violette is a different kind of mineral sunscreen- one that you're seriously going to fall head over heels for!

Best Mineral Sunscreen

Also commonly referred to as physical sunscreen, mineral sunscreens work by absorbing 95% of UV rays and reflecting 5% away from your skin. Before Vi came along, they had a pretty bad rep for being ultra thick and leaving a horrid white cast. They're made using either a zinc formula (just think of our cricketers) or titanium dioxide. Vi thought you deserved better than that though, so she reinvented mineral sunscreen into something you would actually want to wear on your face every day. The result? Lightweight, fragrance-free sunscreen.

Our mineral sunscreen (or SKINSCREEN™ as we like to call it) comes in two skin sweetening options so you can choose the right one for you. If you're a lover of zinc based sunscreen (can you believe this was our most requested sunscreen ever?!) then you have to meet Lean Screen. Lean is SPF 50+, fragrance-free and has a comfortable soft matte finish. We promise you doesn't look or feel gross on the skin like those other zinc sunscreens you might have met before either.

Our other best physical sunscreen is Clean Screen. Clean is SPF 30, and a titanium dioxide formulaton. She's our UV MVP for a natural, no-fuss finish with no-fragrance, and a lightweight gel texture.

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Mineral Suncream UK

Fallen for our girl Vi yet? Trust us, you'll never meet a physical sunscreen you love more than Violette. Shop her now and enjoy free delivery on orders £40 and over across the UK. Plus, let us treat you to future-proofing that beautiful face of yours with Klarna so you can sunscreen it up now, and pay for it later.