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Skinvestment Day is Ultra Violette’s biggest (and only) sale of the year!

For two days only you’re able to buy one SKINSCREEN™ and get one FREE! The promotion will start at 10:00 pm Monday 18th September BST and end 11:59 pm Wednesday 20th September BST.


Vi’s Skinvestment Day offer applies to the products listed below:

  • Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating SKINSCREEN™ 50ml

  • Lean Screen SPF 50+ Mattifying Zinc SKINSCREEN™ 50ml

  • Clean Screen SPF 30 Fragrance-Free Weightless Gel SKINSCREEN™ 50ml

  • Fave Fluid SPF 50+ Ultralight SKINSCREEN™ 75ml

  • Preen Screen™ SPF 50 Reapplication Mist 75ml

  • Extreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Body & Hand SKINSCREEN™ 150ml. 

Please note Daydream Screen SPF 50 Tinted Veil, Sheen Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Lip Balm (all shades), Extreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Body & Hand SKINSCREEN™ 30ml, Mini Preen Screen™ SPF 50 Reapplication Mist 30ml, Accessories, Sets & Limited Edition products are not included.

To ensure everyone can celebrate Skinvestment Day this year customers can receive a maximum of 2 free SKINSCREENS™ per order. (2 paid and 2 free).

Due to an increase in orders our warehouse will be working overtime to get you your order as quickly as possible. Please allow up to 10 business days for your order to be dispatched from our warehouse. Please note express post options will not be available during this time.

Unfortunately, Express Shipping will not be available during Skinvestment Day. All orders will be sent via Standard shipping options and may take up to 10 days to be dispatched from our warehouse. You’ll receive an email confirmation once it’s on the way!

Our Skinvestment Day buy one get one free offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount code. This includes “15% off your first order” codes.

We only ship throughout the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) from this site. International shipping is available to the following countries from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Due to the high volume of orders we are unable to make any order changes after an order has been placed. Please ensure you check your order carefully before proceeding with your purchase.

Due to the high volume of orders we are unable to make any order or address changes after an order has been placed. 

Not gonna lie, we made it up. BUT the sentiment is true! A SKINSCREEN™ is the perfect combination of skincare and sunscreen – with hydrating ingredients that are just as potent as their SPF counterparts. You can use them solo, or layered with your other skin staples like serums, moisturiser and foundation for an extra punch of hydration. All of our products are purposely designed to work for the good of your skin, both in the short and long term.

Because one SKINSCREEN™ does not fit all. Each of our products have been tweaked a little, depending on what you’re after specifically. You have different shoes for different occasions, so why not have different sunscreens?

It really depends on your skin. There’s no “preferred” type of SPF. If you’re prone to inflammation, acne or highly reactive, a zinc-based (physical) might work better for you. If you prefer lighter textures, no white cast, or have pigmentation concerns, chemical’s the way to go. At the end of the day, THE BEST SUNSCREEN IS THE ONE YOU WANT TO WEAR EVERY DAY.

PS don’t believe everything you read online - this is especially the case in regards to celebrity sex tapes and SPF. 

Take our SPF BFF Quiz and let Vi help you decide which future-proofing formula will be your new favourite.

Terrific question and I’m glad you asked! Whilst both products are 50+, the perfect primer and look great on your vanity, the main differences are the texture and the finish. Queen Screen is a serum with a super glowy finish and Supreme Screen is a creme texture with a satin finish.

A big, fat, ginormous YES!!! Ultra Violette is the best cruelty free sunscreen in Australia (and the world, because we’re modest like that!) We have vetted our suppliers, down to an ingredient level and would never work with anyone who tested on animals. We also offer some SKINSCREENS™ that are even vegan cruelty-free sunscreen. All our products bar two (Extreme Screen and Sheen Screen) are vegan.

Fab question! SPF should be the last step of your skincare routine. Some of our more hydrating products like Queen and Supreme screen can be used instead of a moisturiser though! Test it out and see what your skin prefers.

You need 1/4 teaspoon of sunscreen for your face, and another 1/4 teaspoon (1.25ml) for the neck and décolletage. This number is an estimate based on the average face sizes and the SPF testing amount (2 mg per cm²). So, if you have a larger face, you’ll probably need more sunscreen, while a smaller one would require less. In UV terms, this equates to 5 pumps of Clean/Supreme/Lean Screen, 3 droppers or pipettes full of Queen Screen, and a 20-cent sized puddle for Fave Fluid. Any less than that and you won’t be getting the full level of protection detailed on the packaging.

You’ll need to reapply every 2 hours if you’re in direct sunlight to be safe. Preen Screen™ is the perfect product to reapply on the go.

Most but not all Ultra Violette products are vegan. The only exceptions are Extreme Screen which contains beeswax, and Sheen Screen which uses beeswax along with sustainably sourced and cruelty free Lanolin. Our other skinscreens are proudly vegan-friendly and some of the best vegan sunscreens on the market.

The answer is a big fat YES! UV is perfect for anyone with skin, be that your bestie, your baby (over 6 months of age) or your boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s important for everyone to wear sunscreen when the UV index is over 2, but even then we recommend wearing it always to protect against harmful effects from the sun. If your child has sensitive skin, then try our SPF 50+ Lean Screen. She’s a mineral-only SPF formulated with zinc oxide, fragrance-free and superb for fussy kids or reactive skin. For children over 6 months, we always recommend a patch test first before a full application to check for any sensitivity.

Yes - our SKINSCREENS™ are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding however we recommend you consult with your doctor before starting any new skincare regimes or if you have any concerns.

Extreme Screen is 4hrs water/sweat resistant! Our facial SKINSCREENS™, however, are not. They are designed for daily use, but if you intend to spend a day at the beach or pool, you’ll need to reapply after swimming and/or profusely sweating. 

If you’re using them correctly - every day according to the prescribed amount – Queen Screen 50mls should last 40 days, and Fave Fluid, Supreme, Lean, and Clean Screen 75ml will last 60 days.

No it's not! 

Regular old sunscreen doesn’t smell great, but here at Ultra Violette we do things differently. Our SKINSCREENS™ either have a light scent that dissipates quite quickly or are completely fragrance free.

Queen Screen - light rose scent

Supreme Screen - clean scent

Clean Screen - fragrance free

Lean Screen - fragrance free

Fave Fluid™ - fragrance free

Preen Screen™ - aloe vera scent

Extreme Screen – coconut scent

Sheen Screen – birthday cake scent

Daydream Screen - fragrance free

SPF stands for ‘sun protection factor’ and is used as an indication of how long it would take the sun’s UV radiation to burn your skin when using sunscreen versus time it would take without any sunscreen. Wondering how that applies to real life? Essentially, it means an SPF 30 would take you 30 times longer to burn compared to if you weren’t wearing that sunscreen. SPF 50 would take you 50 times longer. Remember, it’s still extremely important to reapply and avoid direct sunlight even when wearing sunscreen as a small percentage of the sun’s rays still hit your skin.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are the single biggest cause of premature ageing. Wrinkles, pigmentation, loss of skin elasticity, dark patches, and pre-cancerous skin changes are all part of the parcel. Oh, and of course there’s the more devastating risk of skin cancer. It only takes 15 minutes of exposure to the summer sun to burn your skin and damage your skin cells. 


The sun emits three different types of UV radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC. While UVC rays are filtered by the ozone, 10% of UVB and 95% of UVA rays reach the earth’s surface.

UV can mean bad things for your skin cells, including types of DNA damage, and with extreme UV exposure, cell death. Some of this oxidative DNA and nucleotide damage, and a failure of the cells to repair this damage can prompt your cells to mutate, leading to the development of skin cancers.

Sure, Vitamin D deficiency can be pretty bad, but so can skin cancer. The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. It’s simple, just a few minutes of exposure to the summer sun on your face, arms and hands in the morning or late afternoon when the UV index is below three will top your Vitamin D levels right up.

Simply put, if the UV index is three or above, you need skinscreen. In the United Kindom, the average summer day peaks at 7-8. So yeah, we’d recommend you wear SPF every single day.

Australian-made sunscreens are the toughest in the world. Not only do they need to work the hardest conditions (thinned ozone layer, duh), but we have the most rigorous testing standards. It’s always better to buy and use an Australian-made and tested SPF than one made and tested overseas.

Sadly not, you will only get the SPF of the highest amount you’ve applied.

They actually work pretty similarly, both need to be applied in advance of any sun exposure, in the correct amount, and both absorb UV radiation which prevents it from reaching the skin. Physical/mineral/inorganic filters (Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide) also scatter or reflect UV radiation which has led to the common misconception that chemical filters = UV radiation absorption and mineral = reflection. Chemical/organic sunscreens tend to be great for: feeling beautiful to wear, being lightweight, UVA1 protection, melasma or pigmentation sufferers. Mineral sunscreens tend to be better for: skin sensitivities, inflamed skin. Lucky for y’all WE HAVE BOTH 💁‍♀️Want to read on?

Vi's got you covered in her Chemical vs Physical Sunscreen blog.

Breaking news my friends, yes sunscreen does expire! Just like all skin care and beauty products you will find an expiry date on the bottle that is very important to take a look at to ensure you’re using a product that is still offering you sun protection. On average, sunscreen can last anywhere from 1- 3 years but the formula can actually deteriorate if exposed to direct sunlight for too long. Vi likes being kept in cool, dark places and when she’s out and about be sure to stow her away wrapped in a towel or covered in your handbag. It’s never a good idea to use expired sunscreen as it does not offer you protection from anti-ageing and harmful UV rays. In need of a new sunscreen? Shop our collection of SKINSCREEN™ now.

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Unfortunately, once an order has been placed, we’re unable to make any order edits or cancelations. Our warehouse team is super quick and often there’s little to no time between your order being confirmed and them packing it up.

Unfortunately, once an order has been placed, we’re unable to make any order edits or cancelations. Our warehouse team is super quick and often there’s little to no time between your order being confirmed and them packing it up. 

We can attempt to contact Royal Mail and have it redirected but this isn’t always possible.

We’ll always try our best to accommodate requests though so reach out to us via email at and we’ll see what can be done. 

Please note that a redelivery fee will apply if we have to resend your order due to an incorrect address. 

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    • Ultra Violette will not be responsible for parcels lost or damaged in transit if you choose not to insure or track the returned parcel
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Fusion 3PL Ltd

FOA: Ultra Violette, 

Block 7, Units 1,2 & 3 Vestry Road, 

Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 5EL

Please allow up to two weeks for refunds to be credited to your original form of payment. Please note: Original shipping charges will not be refunded.

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Vi’s committed to a comeback moment in early 2024, with a bigger and better version of Queen

As you know, Vi’s top priority is future-proofing your face with only the very best SKINSCREENS™. With this in mind, we’re making a couple of tweaks to Queen Screen SPF50+ and as a result, we will be out of stock in the UK and EU for a handful of months. Don’t worry though! Vi’s committed to a comeback moment in early 2024, with a bigger and better version of Queen - ensuring it has the same consistency and finish that we all know and love - but with a more robust formulation and some juicy new skincare benefits. Until then, why don’t you give Supreme Screen SPF50+ a try? We think you’ll love the soft glow and hydration.

You can, but ultimately we wouldn’t recommend it. This is because you likely won’t apply enough to receive the full SPF50 protection, unless you like to really build your level of coverage in layers. For that reason, we would always err on the side of caution and recommend wearing your favourite Skinscreen underneath Daydream Screen. However, we did do some testing which indicates that adding Daydream Screen to your daily SPF routine is really simple and actually gives you the highest possible protection.

We tested Daydream Screen with Supreme Screen, our SPF50+ Hydrating Facial Skinscreen. When measured against each other for SPF rating, Daydream Screen tested at an average SPF of 52.4 (which is actually more than the required amount to achieve an SPF50 rating). When half the recommended amount of Supreme Screen (2.5 pumps) was layered underneath half the recommended amount of Daydream Screen (2 pumps), the SPF protection rating had an average of 65. We tested again, this time by mixing half the recommended amounts of each product together and applying them to the skin simultaneously, which also registered an average SPF protection rating of 61.4

So, what does that all mean? Well, even after using less than the recommended amount of Daydream Screen, if you layer a light base of Supreme Screen underneath your Daydream Screen – or you mix Supreme Screen with your Daydream Screen before applying, if you prefer – you are getting more than the claimed SPF50 protection. So yes, you’ll still need to combine both – but you’ll also need to use less of each.

Ready for your first date with your Daydream but finding it hard to commit?? We get it. Sometimes the pictures aren’t as good as the real thing. So to help navigate any kind of buyers remorse (this applies with dating AND shopping online), you can now purchase Daydream Screen Sample packs to help find your perfect shade.

Daydream Screen Sample packs contain three shade sachets to help you decide. Eg if you buy V7 you’ll receive a sachet of V6, V7 + V8 to ensure you get your match. This means you can test your shade before you open the full-size product! You’ll know if you’ve picked the right shade AND you’ll see how Daydream works for you.

Our range is stocked on our website (duh).

We’re stocked in Space NK in the UK, Joyce Beauty in Hong Kong, as well as Cult Beauty and Net-a-Porter Online.

Other retailers include Adore Beauty, Sephora ANZ both in store and online, The Iconic, Kristin Fisher Eyebrows in Double Bay, Paloma Salon in Paddington and Belameres in Sydney.

Thank you for your interest but unfortunately due to exclusivity agreements, we’re not able to take on new stockists at this time.