Tips from a Makeup Artist: How to with Super Glow Drops SPF50

Tips from a Makeup Artist: How to with Super Glow Drops SPF50

SPF is hugely important in my beauty routine and I’m so thankful for Ultra Violette who have truly made wearing SPF FUN! Back in 2005 when I started my career as a makeup artist, sunscreen could really ruin the look of your makeup with the limited thick, tacky textures available. Now, thanks to Vi, it compliments your entire beauty routine. Instead of feeling like it’s a chore to apply, I enjoy the application and how it makes my skin look and feel. I don’t go a day without it, and neither should you! I’m planning for my future, after all. 

As someone who loves a dewy skin-finish, I was immediately hooked on Super Glow Drops SPF50. 

I’ve always loved the luminosity of UV Screens and now I can enhance the glow factor even more. They’re best applied over your SPF, but the Drops can be applied under or over your makeup too! 

The Bronzing Drops can be used to deepen or lighten the colour of your skin tint depending on your skin. Plus, for lighter skin tones, it can also be used as a glowy bronzer or for deeper skin tones, it makes for a beautiful illuminator when used on the high points of your face. 

The Illuminating Drops look spectacular when used as a highlight over your base makeup and can also be used to lighten your skin tint if needed.  

Pro-Tip: they also look spectacular on your body - add a few drops to your décolletage and down the front of your legs and you’ll light up any room you walk into.  

My personal favourite way to wear them is over the top of Daydream Screen, which lately I’ve been wearing over Supreme Screen SPF50+ (mixing things up from my usual Queen Screen SPF50+ choice). I’ll use the Bronzing Drops in place of a cream bronzer, which I apply over the apples of my cheeks and upwards, and a little around my forehead. Sometimes I’ll dab a touch over my nose too. I then add the Illuminating drops to the tops of my cheeks, Cupid’s Bow, inner corner of my eyes and décolletage.  

This gives my skin the most beautiful glow that I can’t get enough of. I’ve tried applying them a few different ways, but my favourite application method is using a damp sponge and dabbing them onto my skin, especially if I’m targeting a specific area rather than applying the product all over, plus it results in a quick, seamless application.  

Using your fingertips also works well for a touch of glow on your cheeks. I finish my makeup with Sheen Screen in the shade Smoothie - never forget SPF for your lips! They’re vulnerable to UVA + UVB rays too but they’re often forgotten. And just in case you’ve tried other SPF lip balms before and thought they all taste disgusting (because ew, they really do), you’re safe with these. Wearing them, you’d have no clue they have SPF 50. It’s my go-to everyday lip balm that enhances my natural lip colour. I have one in every bag.  

Another tip that I love is to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day with the Preen Screen SPF50 Reapplication Mist. I love using it on my hands after every wash, along my hairline and of course, all over my face every few hours. 

There you have it, a whole host of tips from MUA Rachael Brooke. Ready to SPF your way? 

Shop Super Glow Drops SPF50 here, or our SKINSCREENS™ here, and if you’re not sure which one to choose, take our quiz! 


About Rachael Brook: 

Rachael’s love affair with makeup began at a young age; she got her start practicing different hair and make-up looks on her unsuspecting father as he slept on the couch. Since then, Rachael has assisted legendary makeup artist Rae Morris, and launched her own blog and YouTube channel where she spills all her beauty secrets. 

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