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Meet Rachael Brook! She started her career at the age of 15, assisting Rae Morris. Yes. THAT Rae Morris. Since them, her work has graced the covers and pages of almost every magazine in Australia. We're talking all the classics - Cosmo, Cleo, Dolly, Vogue (ahh, the good old days of mags).
9 years later, she's (luckily for us) found herself thrown in the deep end creating digital content for beauty brands.


So! SKINSCREENS are primers hey?
Primer who? UV’s SKINSCREENS do a beautiful job of creating whatever skin finish your heart desires. From matte to high gloss, there’s an option for every preference. For me personally, wearing Queen Screen has cut out my morning moisturiser application and the need for primer due to it’s super hydrating formula.


Why SPF is so important under makeup?
SPF is an essential in every makeup routine. While you may think that moisturiser with SPF you’ve been using is doing the job, it’s really not enough protection - particularly with our harsh Aussie sun. You need 1/4 of a teaspoon of suncreen for full protection on your face. I know it sounds like a lot, but don’t forget your ears and neck need that sun protection too! I like to spend a minute massaging it in for a little relaxation moment, but also to make sure I’m applying it everywhere that it needs to go.


Queen Screen is THE product that made me fall in love with wearing sunscreen. Previously, it felt like a chore to apply, but now it’s one of my favourite parts of my routine.
It works perfectly on normal to dry skin (that’s me!) and gives your skin the most beautiful glossy glow. It has the texture of a lightweight serum so it really feels amazing on your skin! I swear it’s one of the products that keeps my skin feeling and looking hydrated.


As someone with normal - dry skin, Supreme Screen really comes in as a close second on the list of faves, and if you ask me next week - it might just be number one. It’s a beauty. The texture is so silky, you can’t help but fall in love with it, and it leaves your skin with a stunning glow. It’s less of a ‘glossy’ glow than Queen Screen, but it’s perfectly dewy and makes your skin look and feel hydrated to the max.


Lean Screen has a different texture altogether than the other SKINSCREENS I’ve talked about so far. It’s a thicker, creamy formula and that’s due to it being a physical sunscreen (rather than chemical). I LOVE that it doesn’t have white cast, so it works beautifully under makeup, even if you want a really natural finish. It’s a mattifying formula so it works really beautifully on oilier skin types, and the creamy texure is ultra luxe.


My favourite thing about Clean Screen (other than the abundance of benefits for sensitive skin types) is the semi matte finish. In my world, ‘semi matte’ means that you’ve really got free range to create whatever finish you love! You could amp up that glow, or really mattify it down. Of course, you could leave it semi matte too. Whatever your preference is, Clean Screen will be there to support you. It’s great for oilier skin types and it won’t leave a greasy feeling on your skin.


Any other tips for a flawless face?
My best tip after applying your favourite SKINSCREEN is to leave it to set -just for a minute or two - before applying your foundation. This will help the product to settle into your skin and won’t affect the longevity of your foundation. And, don’t forget to finish your makeup with Sheen Screen Lip Balm - it’s a dreamy glossy texture and will help keep your lips protected too.

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