How To Winter-Proof Your Skin

How To Winter-Proof Your Skin

Winter skin ready? 

Winter's here and it's not all mulled wine and floor length coats with faux fur trim. It also means your skin is needs a little more love to protect it from the changing seasons and all that heating. So, ready for Vi's tips to keep that face plump and hydrated?!

  1. Upgrade your routine
    Our skin can dry out a little during winter, so find ways to boost the hydrating levels in your routine. Try adding in a hyaluronic acid serum, or switching your SKINSCREEN to SUPREME SCREEN for an extra moisture boost.

  2. Drink more water
    You hear it said all the time because it's true. Your skin is 64% water and it needs that H20 to function. So drink up.

  3. Hydrating mist
    Maybe you need a little pick me up after running in and out of heating all day. Maybe you need a hydration hit before hitting those mulled wines after work. Either way, a hydrating mist is a fab thing to keep handy.

  4. Don't obliterate your face by washing it in the shower
    It's winter. It's cold. I get it. But try to avoid washing your sweet little future-proofed face in the shower. It's too hot for your skin and it will irritate your barrier.

  5. SPF is a non-negotiable (even in winter)
    You should be wearing your sunscreen every damn day and that doesn't change just because the temperature has dropped. You're still exposed to UV rays, even when there's cloud coverage or you're indoors.
    So is SPF in the winter really necessary? Absolutely.

FUN FACT: All our SKINSCREENS contain hydration boosting ingredients like Pentavitin, kakadu plum, aloe vera and glycerin making them cold weather saviors. 

So... ready to winter-proof your skin?

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