This Skincare and SPF Combo Is God Tier

This Skincare and SPF Combo Is God Tier

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If you’re a regular around here, you’ll know that SPF is the one beauty product Vi believes in using 365 days a year. (If you’re new, hi! Catch up on why you should be wearing SPF every single day, here.) Our Skinscreens future-proof your face by forcing UV rays to rack off but did you know they can also make your other skincare work even harder? Yep, there are several actives that are more effective when used with SPF. 


To illustrate the point, let’s look at two skincare products that are more effective when SPF is around.

Vitamin C serum
Vitamin C is a bit of a powerhouse skincare ingredient. There are loads of studies on it and we know it can increase collagen in the skin and help to even out skin tone. There’s also evidence it might reduce some of the changes that infrared radiation can cause in skin. Because vitamin C is an antioxidant it soaks up the free radicals that are created when your skin is exposed to UV rays which helps to prevent sun-induced damage. Layer a vitamin C serum underneath your favourite Skinscreen and you’ll be protecting your skin further. (Or hey! Did you know most of our screens contain Kakadu Plum which is bursting with vit c).

AHA toner
Acid toners made with AHAs (e.g. glycolic, lactic acids) chemically exfoliate by nixing dead skin cells. This is great news for anyone keen on a soft, hydrated complexion. The bad news? By thinning the top layer of skin, AHAs can also make your face more susceptible to sun damage. Basically, your ‘natural sun protection’, which isn’t great to begin with, is then compromised. Happily, there’s an easy fix. Using an acid toner in conjunction with an SPF means you’ll get the fresh-faced effect you’re after without the heightened risk of sun sensitivity. 

The more you know!
Adding sunscreen to your daily skincare routine is the best way to ensure your skin stays looking incredible. So if you’re going to shell out on active skincare, it pays to protect your investment with high protection SPF.

Haven’t found your HG SPF yet? Find out which Ultra Violette Skinscreen will work best for you.

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