One gal's mission to find her Ultra Violette BFF

One gal's mission to find her Ultra Violette BFF

How I finally found THE ONE...

Becca Holdorf

"Over the past few weeks I have purchased and tested all three of Ultra Violette's fabulous SKINSCREEN™, and thought it might be handy to share some of my thoughts and experiences! I have combo/sensitive skin, and have a very basic skincare routine that works well for me, after having very bad acne from PCOS. In all the photos I have just the sunscreen on and a bit of bronzer, no tinted moisturiser or foundations at all.

First up, SUPREME SCREEN! This was the first one I tried as it seemed to be the best option for a combo skin gal. The first time I tried it, I did my usual morning cleanse, niacinamide, and moringa oil, then popped this baby over the top. It was HELLA HYDRATING! I am not very used to such a glow and it was probably a bit much. It also made my skin a bit stingy for the first few days, but this died down... I learned to love the glow, and I ended up finding I could just use this in the mornings straight after my serum and I was good to go, which makes things super easy. I like how it gives my face a bit of a filtered effect, but it irritates my eyes the most out of the three. I think this one will get a lot more use for me in winter when my skin is dryer, and I think it would be amazing for all you dry skinned folks out there!

Second in line, QUEEN SCREEN! I was super excited to try this because, well, the bottle is just so pleasing to the eye and I feel super fancy using a dropper bottle to get my sunscreen lol. After my over-glowy experience with using Supreme over my face oil, I cut back the hydration under Queenie to let her shine on her own. First of all, the scent is amazing. Personally, I love roses, and getting whiffs of that smell all day was amazing. Also, even though she was super glowy when I first applied her, she dried down A LOT, more than Supreme, and ended up giving me what I felt was the perfect amount of glow. Also, she has little luminescent bits in her, which obviously makes me feel like a Disney princess. My skin and eyes were definitely not as reactive which was really nice. Honestly, I think this might be my favourite out of the bunch for my skin type, because it's not as hydrating as Supreme, but still packs a punch.

Ok, last but not least, CLEAN SCREEN! My first experience of UV was their original Clean formula, so I was excited to try their new updated version. And WOAH! So different. First of all, it literally has no smell. Which kind of freaks me out, but in a good way? Also, the texture is like nothing I've experienced. It's like water. I first tried it with my usual niacinamide and only a few drops of face oil...and this was definitely not enough hydration for my skin. Halfway through the day I had to re-moisturise before re-applying my skinscreen. To be fair, I think it possibly was the coldest day that Brisbane has maybe experienced ever, so I should have thought that through better. Anyway, after fixing that mistake and adding more hydration under the screen, this baby went on much better. It takes a little bit more working onto the skin before it settles, and, there is still a slight white cast. It gives this incredible blurred mattifying effect whilst still maintaining some awesome glow which blows my mind, and I love that about it. Also, I've absolutely no irritation at all. Hurrah! I think this one will probably get used more in summer when my skin is naturally a little more hydrated. But I do like how weightless it feels on my skin, and that I feel like a barbie doll wearing it.

So, there you have it folks, if you made it all the way through my crazy rambles, I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for letting me share my love of Ultra Violette and sunscreen wearing."

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